Exploring The CubeVerse

We are a gaming Podcast that explores the deeper ideas within not just video games, but games in general.  In our eyes games are an art form that deserves to be studied and analyzed for future generations.  They have shown so much evolution within their short life time and that speed of growth directly reflects the growth of us as a society. So we have decided to go on this journey with you to learn something about ourselves and our society as a whole. 

Who We Are...



Hello World! Its me Christian! I am a gamer, artist, maker that has loved the experience of playing games all my life. From sneaking playing my uncles Sega to getting lost in expansive JRPGs I have a strong appreciation for what games can do for us emotionally. This appreciation lead me to Full Sail University where I earned my degree in Game Design. While studying games I became facinated with how games can help us deeal with real world issues like depression or even Alzheimer's. My mission in life is to tell a story and hopefully inspire the next generation of makers and creatives.